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Spiritual Roots of Obesity

The Spiritual Roots Of OBESITY

Join me as I interview Doug and Leah Cromer of Altered Appetite a religious organization that empowers Christians to break free from food addiction by strengthening their appetite for God. I’ve had struggles with food for most of my life, but had never considered what the spiritual components to weight gain, and eating disorders like Anorexia and […]

DAY 12 Online Fitness Journal

First thing I want to share with you today is that depriving myself from food, has never been successful. It’s lead to a slower metabolism and binge eating.

I eat what I want…just in moderation. For the most part I stay on a Paleo type meal plan, but I do incorporate in some “fun foods.”

DAY 3 of “2019 Online Fitness Journal”

I am certain of one thing: the ONLY inevitable in life is change…By this time next year, I will either be MORE fit and healthy, looking better than I do today…OR I will have gained more weight and be more unhappy with the way I look and feel. The choice is mine, and today I CHOOSE LIFE.