Spiritual Roots of Obesity

Join me as I interview Doug and Leah Cromer of Altered Appetite a religious organization that empowers Christians to break free from food addiction by strengthening their appetite for God.

I’ve had struggles with food for most of my life, but had never considered what the spiritual components to weight gain, and eating disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia were.

Then half way through an online weight loss challenge that I’m doing on AskingMom.Org (one of my other websites,) I came upon a ministry that deals with the spiritual roots of obesity.

WOW, what a concept!

I’ve been working in “Freedom Ministry” aka “Sozo” for many years but had never thought of DELIVERANCE FROM FOOD ADDICTION until I met Doug Cromer.


If you have ever struggled with your weight, or felt the Holy Spirit moving in your heart about fasting and prayer to overcome food addiction, THIS is your confirmation.

Check out Altered Appetite and the support available through their website!

They are also hosting AN AMAZING “Fire On The Altar” event in Topeka Kansas this coming July 2019. This could be the TURNING POINT you’ve been praying for.

You can also check out the “Altered Appetite” You Tube Channel here with this link!


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