Interview a Veteran

In HONOR OF VETERAN’S DAY watch this short Interview with Veteran Sergeant Rey Flete 22 year Combat Medic.

In this interview with Veteran Sergeant Rey Flete, 22 year Combat Medic, Rey tells us why he decided to go into the Army as a teenager, some of what he experienced over in Iraq, what he remembers about 9/11, like where he was and what he was thinking when he realized that there had been a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. Rey also tells us about how he transitioned from military life, to civilian life as United States Retired Military after serving 22 years in the United States Army, and what he’s been doing since he retired. Rey has recently opened a Custom Light Saber manufacturing company called Texas Custom Sabers.

Rey also shares with every American, what they can do to honor Veterans on Veteran’s Day.

Please enjoy, and take a moment to go see the AMAZING Light Sabers that Rey makes, in his machine shop in San Antonio Texas, “Texas Custom Sabers.”

SUPPORT our United States Retired Military, by purchasing American made products, from businesses owned and operated by Veterans.




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