Today marks EXACTLY one month into the “2019 Weight Loss Challenge” here on my ONLINE FITNESS JOURNAL.

I’ve mentioned before how MUCH I advocate using the tape measure to asses your progress, and TODAY is a perfect example of why

My goal was to lose 10 lbs a month across 12 weeks for this challenge, and I really thought I was going to make it, but this morning the scale showed that I only lost 6.8 lbs this whole month!

It was a huge let down UNTIL I got to the tape measure.

The tape measure showed that I actually lost 15″ inches! Take a look…

March 4, 2019

  • WEIGHT 157 lbs
  • WAIST 35″ at belly button
  • HIPS 45″ at pubic bone
  • TORSO at bottom of ribs 31″
  • UPPER THIGH 25.5″
  • CALVES 15″
  • CHEST 36″
  • UPPER ARMS 12.5″

April 4, 2019

  • WEIGHT 150.8 lbs
  • WAIST 31″ at belly button
  • HIPS 42″ at pubic bone
  • TORSO at bottom of ribs 29″
  • UPPER THIGH 23.5″
  • CALVES 14.5″
  • CHEST 34″
  • UPPER ARMS 12″




I’m keeping to a 1200 calorie Paleo type eating plan and drinking one gallon of water a day. I’m also getting 30-45 min of cardio approx 5 days a week along with toning exercises, alternating LOWER BODY; UPPER BODY or MIDSECTION using (for the most part) my body’s own weight as resistance. I also drink a quality protein shake within one hour of my cardio, and to shorten my recovery time I take L-Carnitine & Fucoidan.


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DAY 12 Online Fitness Journal

First thing I want to share with you today is that depriving myself from food, has never been successful. It’s lead to a slower metabolism and binge eating.

I eat what I want…just in moderation. For the most part I stay on a Paleo type meal plan, but I do incorporate in some “fun foods.”

Back in the day I would be VERY strict with myself for weeks or months and then binge..I labeled these binges a “cheat day.”

A cheat day would usually consist of a 5,000 calorie day, with no working out, followed by falling off my program completely for several more days, and a pathetic bout of depression.



In recent years however, I’ve found that when I’m craving something I consider to be a splurge or fun food, that it’s best to incorporate that particular food in early in the day (say before 3pm) and then modifying the meals/snacks before and after that splurge, to accommodate the caloric/fat difference, leads to a successful and steady weight loss.

I use a FREE program/app on my phone called My Fitness Pal to help me log everything in, (IT’S TOTALLY EASY) and keep track, so I’m still coming in under my caloric intake for the day. (for me that’s 1200 calories) 

It usually goes something like this;

  • a WICKED craving for SPICY CHICKEN STRIPS AND GRAVY hits me…so RESPONSIBLY I plan on having it at the next reasonable opportunity...so like if the craving hits at 10pm, (I DON’T EAT IT THEN) if I’m really that hungry late at night I drink some cold water, and eat some baby carrots…THEN I plan on having the SPICY CHICKEN STRIPS the very next day at 3pm.
  • I wake up and have a lighter than normal breakfast…say half a grapefruit. 
  • workout
  • have my after workout shake, without any high calorie additions like almond butter, or bananas…
  • have a low calorie lunch.
  • then have a low calorie salad JUST BEFORE I head out to get the chicken strips.
  • pack a Monk Fruit Extract bottle in my purse.
  • Order the spicy chicken strip snack pack INSTEAD of the meal (this includes two strips, mashed potatoes, gravy and roll)
  • Order un-sweet tea & add some drops of Monk Fruit to taste, instead of soda (EVEN DIET SODA MAKES IT HARDER TO LOSE WEIGHT BECAUSE IT POLLUTES THE BLOODSTREAM)



I then walk out FEELING like a million bucks! 

I log the splurge meal into My Fitness Pal and the app tells me EXACTLY how many calories I can have for the rest of the day…and happily I keep to it..knowing that I didn’t blow my program in the least..

WEIGHT LOSS is still in progress!