DAY 25 “Online Fitness Journal”


Today is DAY 25 of the “Online Fitness Journal Weight Loss Challenge” and I’m excited to share with you that this past week I’ve experienced a HUGE breakthrough in my cardio workouts! 

One thing changed, that changed EVERYTHING…

STAYING POSITIVE is essential to the success of any endeavor. Since I’ve become aware of how much a difference it makes to surround myself with people who lift me up, I’m making much more progress.

Here are my weight and measurements for this week…I’ll weigh in again on the 4th of April, then every two weeks after that.

  • 151.4 lbs
  • 33″ waist at belly button
  • 29.5″ bottom of ribs
  • 43″ hips at pubic bone
  • 24″ upper thigh
  • 20″ lower thigh
  • 14.5″ calf
  • 35″ chest
  • 12″ arms


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DAY 12 Online Fitness Journal

First thing I want to share with you today is that depriving myself from food, has never been successful. It’s lead to a slower metabolism and binge eating.

I eat what I want…just in moderation. For the most part I stay on a Paleo type meal plan, but I do incorporate in some “fun foods.”

Back in the day I would be VERY strict with myself for weeks or months and then binge..I labeled these binges a “cheat day.”

A cheat day would usually consist of a 5,000 calorie day, with no working out, followed by falling off my program completely for several more days, and a pathetic bout of depression.



In recent years however, I’ve found that when I’m craving something I consider to be a splurge or fun food, that it’s best to incorporate that particular food in early in the day (say before 3pm) and then modifying the meals/snacks before and after that splurge, to accommodate the caloric/fat difference, leads to a successful and steady weight loss.

I use a FREE program/app on my phone called My Fitness Pal to help me log everything in, (IT’S TOTALLY EASY) and keep track, so I’m still coming in under my caloric intake for the day. (for me that’s 1200 calories) 

It usually goes something like this;

  • a WICKED craving for SPICY CHICKEN STRIPS AND GRAVY hits me…so RESPONSIBLY I plan on having it at the next reasonable like if the craving hits at 10pm, (I DON’T EAT IT THEN) if I’m really that hungry late at night I drink some cold water, and eat some baby carrots…THEN I plan on having the SPICY CHICKEN STRIPS the very next day at 3pm.
  • I wake up and have a lighter than normal breakfast…say half a grapefruit. 
  • workout
  • have my after workout shake, without any high calorie additions like almond butter, or bananas…
  • have a low calorie lunch.
  • then have a low calorie salad JUST BEFORE I head out to get the chicken strips.
  • pack a Monk Fruit Extract bottle in my purse.
  • Order the spicy chicken strip snack pack INSTEAD of the meal (this includes two strips, mashed potatoes, gravy and roll)
  • Order un-sweet tea & add some drops of Monk Fruit to taste, instead of soda (EVEN DIET SODA MAKES IT HARDER TO LOSE WEIGHT BECAUSE IT POLLUTES THE BLOODSTREAM)



I then walk out FEELING like a million bucks! 

I log the splurge meal into My Fitness Pal and the app tells me EXACTLY how many calories I can have for the rest of the day…and happily I keep to it..knowing that I didn’t blow my program in the least..

WEIGHT LOSS is still in progress!




DAY 11 Online Fitness Journal

Today I weighed in and have lost almost three pounds in 11 days…I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but I also measured today and was excited to see that I’ve lost inches!!!

Weight 154.2


Waist at the belly button 34″

Waist at the bottom of ribs 30″

Hips at pubic bone 44″

Arms 12.5″

Upper thigh 24.5″

Lower thigh 20″

Chest 35″

Calves 15″

I feel that this is a VICTORY!!!

I don’t know about YOU but I AM PUMPED about the next two weeks…My jeans already fit better and my workouts have become easier.

I’ve been doing 45 min of cardio 4 days a week, and then muscle toning exercises, rotating lower body, upper body, and mid-section. (I’ll be posting video’s showing you the routines.)

If you would like to join the Fitness Challenge and get fit in 2019 just message me on Facebook Messenger or email me from AskingMom.Org’s CONTACT page!!! At the end of the challenge, IF you’d like to submit your testimony and before & after photo’s, I’ll mail you a FREE GIFT for participating!


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2019 “Online Fitness Journal”

Welcome to my 2019 “Online Fitness Journal.”

Tomorrow I’m embarking on a 12 week journey in an attempt to lose 30 lbs before summer. I had actually planned on getting started on February 18th, but life (as it sometimes will) got in the way, and caused a slight delay.

No worries though, I still have plenty of time to shed those winter pounds and look FABULOUS by June….Twelve weeks from tomorrow will put me right at the May 27th mark.

Disclaimer: I have lost a significant amount of weight without diet pills or surgery, and this section of Asking Mom is dedicated to encouraging other parents to get healthy with limited time and resources.

I’m not a physician, certified dietitian or personal trainer, and this is not in anyway intended to be medical advice.

This is my personal testimony of how I’ve lost 180 lbs and been able to keep it off (other than a 20-30 lb fluctuation) for the last 15 years.

Please consult a doctor before beginning any workout regiment, and familiarize yourself with nutrition facts, to help you with reaching your goals.  

Are you ready to get started?

BEFORE WE BEGIN: These are some things that like have before I get started. For any job, the right tools are essential.


Here are 10 things that help me get started, keeping me motivated and on track.


   I personally take measurements before I get started because the scale can be misleading. Muscle weighs more than fat, and when you first start working out, your body will attempt to super hydrate it’s self, so periodically it will show on the scale that you have not really lost anything, or that you have GAINED, when in actuality you have lost inches. Measuring right from the beginning can keep your motivation going, when the scale tells you a BIG FAT LIE.


After a 30-45 minute cardio workout, a quality protein shake will help your body go into it’s reserves (continue to burn stored fat) so weight loss is expedited significantly by drinking a protein shake within an hour of working out. If money is tight there are a couple different shakes available at Costco for around a dollar a serving; they have one I like by a company called Orgain.  However, if eating healthy is a real struggle for you, you might want to try the one put out by I.D. LIFE as it really is miles above the rest, but is also a little more expensive.


Comfortable shoes are a must!!! I usually go down to the outlet mall and grab a pair of mid-range shoes for around $50 dollars. Nike/Sketcher athletic shoes are usually pretty good, but if you have problems with your back and/or feet Brooks brand shoes are recommended by many doctors. They are a little more expensive, but in my opinion worth the extra money if you have it to spend.


Comfortable clothes are an important part of getting through a tough workout, not to mention that it can offer a little more motivation to have something that you’re looking forward to putting on (this MAY be a girl thing) however if I have to choose…I would get the measuring tape, protein shake and shoes…then worry about the clothes and scale at a later date.



Although I try not to weigh myself everyday, it is beneficial to check the scale on occasion. They are usually around $15 bucks or so at Walmart…I’ll be recording my weight once a week, and this is most definitely when the tape measure is of vital importance. Because when I’ve worked hard and yet the scale doesn’t reflect much success, the tape measure can save the day, giving me a more accurate assessment of the changes in the size and shape of my body. 


I really like to have a workout mat, although it’s not a necessity. A folded up blanket on the floor will suffice when money is tight. However, if you are able to spend the $30 bucks, I prefer the really thick mats at Walmart. They are just more comfortable when doing the floor exercises for strength training.


I prefer to use an Elliptical Machine for my cardio, but again it’s not essential. A brisk walk, or a jog in the park or around the block, will be just as effective (weather permitting) or another option is to go to the mall and do a fast pace walk, during the hour before the shops open.


I’ll be going into more depth on recipes, clean eating, and why I feel that doing food prep is a great way to ensure weight loss success.


I prefer to use a Glass Water Bottle with nylon sleeve. Again, this is not a necessity but it IS a great tool for effective weight loss. Drinking a gallon of plain, unflavored water not only helps shed those unwanted pounds, it makes your hair grow faster and skin look younger. When losing a significant amount of weight, it’s one of the things that helps the skin keep it’s elasticity.


This is another thing that can wait if money is tight, however I believe it is key to getting fit and healthy without spending a fortune. Buying good healthy food and doing food prep keeps me out of the drive through, and over a months time saves a substantial amount of money. There are some H.E.B.  brand reusable containers that I order online, and they are really good quality, for a great price.


Thank you for stopping by today; I don’t know about you, but I am PUMPED! I’ll be posting my before and after photo’s in June, and if you would like to join me on this journey I’d love to hear from you…feel free to email me, and if you’d like we can post your success story and before & after shots. 

I’ll be offering a free gift to anyone who does!

I believe that we should lift each other up, encouraging one another to get healthy–BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT. 



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